For a human to live he needs a few things: oxygen, food/drink, gravitation, light, physical training

oxygen Edit

Earth’s atmosphere








0% up to 4%

carbon dioxide












This is how the earth’s atmosphere looks like so this is what you try to reproduce. So we need O2 and we have CO2 . One way to do this is using plants prefibly algae because they float in the water and using photosynthesis (but the plants used for food also give some oxygen). By measuring the oxygen level in the different sections of the ship the lights can either burn more intense or less intense and the air vents can open or close. The oxygen requirements fore a human are 6lb/2.73kg85 mol’s per day that is almost 1900 liter of oxygen per person per day so fore 20 persons that is 38000 liters but some extra is needed because this varies per person.

Food/ and drink Edit

A human needs about 2 lb/0.91 kg of water per day and 4 lb/1.82 of food. So for the food agriculture is a good solution for this problem. You can just stack them up in racks like small greenhouses. One of the requirements is that the plants aren’t big. And for vitamisn, minerals etc. you can use pills. So the dayly food of the crew is pills a nd vestables no meet because you can’t take it with you. For water you can just take it whit you and recycle everything

Gravitation Edit

For the graphitation specifics take a look at the technologies/gravitation. The only reason it’s here is because it’s important and I only wanted to make a note of this

Light Edit

A organism need light to survive but because big light take to much energy so the best solution is a light with that gives al lot of light but not very much heat . the energy will be slurplied by the core reactor ( a nuclear fusion reactor).

Physical training Edit

It’s important that the crew stays in good health so the fitness room (discussed in chapter two mental stress) are open 24-7 and must be used by the crew for a couple of reasons one is that if the crew goes to a planet whit a stronger gravitation it’s necessary that the team is strong enough to live in these conditions. Another reason is that if something goes wrong the crew must be fit enough to save the ship and her crew. And the most important the crew must feel good!

Temperature Edit

The temperature of a human is 37 C but the air temperature must be at lease 20 C and the temperature can be changed in the different rooms but not in the hallways. The heat comes from the nuclear fusion reactor.

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