A lot of the flying is done by a computer but if the computers backup fails or something unexpected happens the crew must pilot the ship back home on this mission deep space are 15 people on board

Education Edit

The education required for the astronauts is done in a six year course which teaches them the basics of the command, medical, engineering. The years will look a bit like this

Year one Edit

This is a selection year where all the people are tested and an elite team of 20 people is chosen. The test exist of basic knowledge , team work, mental and physical test.

Year two Edit

This year exist mainly of the basics of engineering, medic, commanding. In the end of this year is also a basic exam

Year three Edit

This is the specialization year where you decide what you want to be and what your place will be in the actual mission. In this year you also train with emergencies and physical training

Year four Edit

This is an very important year because here is decided who is on the actual crew and who is backup. This is done in the different caragories by physical and mental experiences and test of knowledge

Year five Edit

This is the repeat year. The classes and exercises are designed to test the knowledge of the crew

Year six Edit

This year is the year where the crew gets to the ship and gets familiar with it

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