In this century technology Is very important and it keeps advancing. But If a human is going to mars, we really need better rockets, live support and a lot of other things.

Gravitation Edit

For a human to be healthy we need gravitation, also because without it we float straight in to space during repairs. We need two solutions one onboard and one for space walks. The onboard gravitation is called spinning gravitation and the space walk is the magnetic gravitation

Spinning gravitation Edit

In this solution the craft is spinning at a specific speed and the central fleeing force keeps the humans inside from the space craft. The formula for this form of gravitation is:

Angular velocity = Nth root(radius/gravitational acceleration). A good radius is 100 meters (30 foot) and the gravitational acceleration is 9,81 (the same of earth). So Nth root(100/9,81) = 0,31 rad/s which is the same as 20,06 sec for one round or 0,05 rounds per second. To achieve this the thrusters must be possession in a slight angle. But when the ship leaves space dock it would be nice if there was gravitation so the station must sling the ship at the magical speed of 0.05 rounds per second. The same for when the ship breaks the spinning must not be lost so again a station or with the angle of the thrusters the ship breaks but doesn’t stop spinning.

This spinning motion makes quick course corrections hard to make but helps in the stability when docking. The crew can’t exit the space craft when spinning because the doors aren’t spinning at the same speed. To solve this there are 2 options: the exit hatch is in the center of the craft (where the gravitation is 0g) or the airlock spins at 0.05 rounds per second and then matches the speed of the station. Personally I think that option one is the best for cargo and emergency evacuation and option two for the crew changes.

Magnetic gravitation Edit

This form of gravitation is only for space walks or if the spinning gravitation fails. This works with magnets under your shoes so basically you’re sticking to the wall. The magnets are electromagnetic magnets which aren’t very strong so you can easily pull them off. The electricity required for this shoe is a battery in the shoe itself. To get loose again you simply deactivate your shoe or just pull hard enough. To make this work you must always keep one shoe against the wall. When outside the space craft these shoes are only to make it easier for reparation but the real safety is still a rope which also houses communications and emergency oxygen.

Propulsion Edit

To get to mars you need to go fast and even with modern technologies it would take about 6 months. I did some research on how to go faster. A lot of these ideas will be familiar (solar sail, ion thruster) I don’t need to explain the way the engine works. I think if you use a solar sail with ion thrusters on the tips you can create huge speeds. However when you go to mars there isn’t enough distant to speed us so this can only be used on deep space missions (see chapter seven). For the initial launch standard rockets will be sufficient. Also a magnetic canon can be used to launch the ship. Just like the magnetic train the ship rides a long track and can be launched with very high speeds. The ship is launched into space with either conventional rockets or a rocket in the Ansari X PRIZE style.

Ships Edit

Main ship Edit

The ship exists of a couple of sections and decks which are habitable (oxygen and gravity) these sections are connected by 0-g tubes for emergencies and “elevators” which are spinning boxes who travel between the different sections. There are 3 sections: the main section which houses the command center, the engineering center, the medical facilities, the cargo bays, the docking meganisem than there is the 0-g sector or the center of the ship where the spinning gravitation isn’t spinning hard enough to create the standard 1-g and there is a shuttle deck which is a that is similar to an airlock. On board the main ship there is room for a crew of 30-40 and enough room for tons of scientific material. This type of ship is specially designed for space travel to very far away and never come back.

Shuttles/pods Edit

Because the main ship is too big to land there are 3 types of shuttles (cargo shuttle, passenger shuttle and the base shuttle). Shuttles can also be used instead of the main ship for a short trip to the moon or for emergencies. The different between a pod and a shuttle is that a shuttle return and a pod is dissembled and recycled.

Cargo pod Edit

A cargo shuttle is basically a unmanned ship with a parachute, braking rockets and an airbag. If this shuttle is launched the onboard computer pilots the ship to the planet. When the shuttle goes through the atmosphere the parachutes open and the braking rockets fire. A hundred meters (30 feet) above the planet’s surface the parachutes release and the airbag inflates. This makes a save landing. When the other shuttles land they can either send the remains of the shuttle back up or make a small colony. Cargo pods are in quite big so and air tight so they can be used as a house.

Passenger shuttle Edit

The passenger shuttle is a small version of the space shuttle the launch is the same as the spaceship one type ship, so the airplane with a maximum of three shuttles under it’s wings lifts off when the maximum height of the airplane is reached the shuttles drop and when they fire their rockets they shoot straight in to space. Of course there isn’t always a airplane nearby so there is a booster rockets build in to the shuttle to help it lift off. The shuttle lands just like a airplane or in a emergency it can land the same way as a cargo shuttle but the chances of a save return after these “crash” landings is quite slim.

Base pod Edit

The base pod is basically a cargo pod but then with a complete house block in it, the astronauts should be able to survive for a couple of months, one pod can house about ten astronauts but multiple pods can be hooked up to form a city/colony. When the ship leaves the base will remain on the surface of the planet for a next visit. When the base is abandoned the scanners remain to scan for anything that might spice our attention.

Tow ships/assembly ships Edit

These ships (also called (work)bees) are one man shuttles with 2 arms and magnets. They tow the sections in place and weld everything together. The bees are roughly three meters long and 2 meters wide. The pilot looks through outdoor camera’s so he can see everything around him without looking against the hull of the ship For one ship there are 20 bees in the assembly station. The bees are controlled mainly by a computer in the station but there is always a backup person in the shuttle (he also controls the arms). Every ship has two of these work bees to repair damage

Stations Edit

Orbit stations Edit

A orbital station is the control tower of a planet. It has a lot of tasks which include scanning the surface and photograph everything, it also serves as a communication relay between the ship and the teams/probes on the planet surface. When the main ship approaches the planet it first synchronies it’s databases with those on the station and update their maps. When a shuttle lands on the planet the station relays all the information they need to their huds. And all the images the astronauts make with their camera’s goes straight to the stations database. The station relays all it’s data to earth at least ones a month.

Solid station Edit

A solid station has the function of a orbit station but then on the planet, it also serves as a house for the astronauts. These stations are build to last for at least ten years or longer. They are launched from the ship in a base pod. On one planet there can be multiple stations who are once again connected by the orbit station. To make sure that astronauts aren’t limited by the oxygen in their spacesuits the vehicle has a oxygen slurplie of about ten hours

assembly station Edit

Here all the parts of the ship are put together and the crew loads up. The ship will only return if it sustain heavy damage like a meteor hit. In this station are the most working bees and the station’s 4 giant arms: two to keep the ship in place and 2 to move large components around. If a ship has been selected for decommission it also comes here.

Garage station Edit

If a ship needs to refuel and resupply the ship comes to the garage station. This station has a few working bees so only little damage can be repaired here. This is also the place where the ships are when they have no current assignment.

temporarily station Edit

this is a station which is launched an mend to last for nothing longer than a year. After that year they are decommissioned and prepared for another set up. This type of station looks a bit like a tent which you can set up and take apart relatively easy.

space station Edit

these type of stations are mend to flow in space and are a lot bigger than a planetary station

Solid station Edit

These stations are mend to flow around for 10 years or longer and are equipped whit good communications and life-support systems

Temporarily station Edit

These stations are alos ment to flowt for nothing longer thea a year and can be used for quarentie or dispose of materials because the life support system are not that good and the communication equipment is only used for communicating to the ship whick is always nearby if there are humans onboard the station

Emergency station Edit

This is mend to be a life raft so it’s disignt it be noticed and to survive there can only be ten people per raft but when the rafts are realeased the rafts atomaticly join in a big sphre which is disignt to flowt in space for three to four years

Planetary station Edit

This is the type of station that stans on a planet during missions. This station is launched from a ship and depeding on the type it either is user ready right away or it needs set-up

Solid station Edit

This is the ststion for long term survival so it’s equipped with advanced communication and life-support systems. This station is made of multipal parts and they are fused together on the plantes surfes.

Temporarily station Edit


This is the station where the crew lives either after a disaster or ehen they are bussy setting up the solid station. This station is unhabitable after about two to three weeks

Defense Edit

In space there are a lod of hasserd like metiors, space dust or even rebelling crew members. So ship and crew need good offencive and defencive capabilities

Weapons Edit

For the offencive part we have weapons and again there is a need or ship weapons and crew weapons.

ship weapon Edit

the ships wapons are mainly for destroying incoming debris and metiors. The weapon is a big laser. The reason I choose for the partical wapon is because the ship is traveling with about eighty procent of the light speed ar maximum and so if you use proectals it takes to long from the launche to impact and with a laser it goes with the speed of light

hand weapon Edit

the crew weapons Is nothing more than less lethal weapons like electric sticks and rubber bullets or peperspray. Killing weapons are not neated because there aren’t enough people onboard and it everything does go wrong it’s mainly he captains fault because the crew should be ready for this type of situations

armor Edit

armor is used for the ship to protect it from small incoming metiors/space dust.

triple hull plaiting Edit

this is the hull of the ship as the name already indicates it are three pieces in a row with about ten centimeters space between them. The first one is a plastic like substance but this is verry light but exstreemly strong. The second is a metal plate which is less strong than te first one and the third is also a metal plate. If a metior his it smashes straigt through the first layer but it does fragment and collied whit the second and there it’s stoped. The thirl layer is just a protection should something so through the previously made hole.

communication Edit

off course you need to communicate with teams and earth

emergency communication Edit

this is a transition not very long with is there almost instantly by using entanglement. When you turn one the other goes to, and to make the entered alphabet you need 15 per letter so for the sense: mayday meteor81 hit casualties need help. You already need 1215 atoms so you need to take about a million atoms with you and you can’t communicate a lot.

radio communication Edit

this uses radio waves with travel whit the speed of light but it can easily be intrersepted and decoded so for security reasons this is only used for the standard communication. All the communications are recorded for either annalasis or oteher useses

laser communication Edit

this can used just like Morse aand by the freqeuntie but by ceeping the alphabet secret and using multipal alphabets you can code this pretty wel. You don’t need to usee this for peed reasons because this also travels with the speed of light. A disadvantage is that you need to aim the pulse directly at the station

transport Edit

a transport is used to return ovjects of the ship to earth/ a station the speed is the same as the ship so it thakes some time for the ship to arrive. And because you have to take a new ship for every flight this can only be used a couple o times and only in emergensys when something is so important that it can’t wait the mission

Probe Edit

Probes are very important to scout areas to dangers for men or as a guides/communication beacon. A probe is a small ship guided by an internal computer which is self-learning and doesn’t follow orders without “thinking” about it. This means that you can just tell him to go to a particular place on the planet and it makes his one flight route and checks for dangers. There are a few types of probes.

Exploration probe Edit

This probe is equipped with a radar which is launched and then when it hits an object it’s redirected to the probe. To make this work the probe has 2 large radar dishes and the probe can’t go very fast. This is particular easy is you want to explore the space in your immediate surroundings. Another version is the planet capable probe which is more like a small airplane because this one will go in the atmosphere of an planet but it will never return. This version has a single rocket and nothing more. The wings are unfolded later in flight by parachutes.

Communication probe Edit

This probe is designed to relay from the ship to earth or the planet. This probe is nothing more than a big dish and a couple of antennas. This probe is either in orbit of the planet or somewhere in mid space.

Navigation Edit

To be able to pilot a star ship you need to know where you are and where you go to. Alo to know where you were and where it is dangerous you need to know where you are, where you go and where you were

Gps Edit

A Gps normally uses satellites but in space you use stars and phenomena’s that are very consisted a Gps uses special coordinates which are explained later on. This unit knows where it is and passes this on to the bridge and earth. It uses all the things explained beneath here.

Stars Edit

A star can be used to guide the ship through space just like the early sailors sailed by the stars. Something else that can be used for guiding is a special phenomena. By measuring the number of degrees you can determine quite precisely where you are. This data is also transferred to the Gps unit

Gyroscope Edit

A ship uses at lease three gyroscopes. One is used to point to earth/the sun the second points to the destination, the third shows how much the ship is rolling in comparison with the start position. And a fourth, fifth, etc. are able to point to a random self chosen point

Navigation buoy Edit

A navigation buoy can either be used as a point of interest or as a warning. This buoy sends a signal on the warning channel and when the ship sees this the massage will explain the reason of the buoy.

Special coordinates Edit

The coordinates are generated by splitting the galaxy in squers of 1 light year so x has and y are about 10.000 at maximum and the z-ax can go indefenitly.

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