life supportEdit

food/drink Edit

if you have a ship that goes into space for ay years or even a few generations you can’t just take the food with you, no you need a self sustaining agriculture deck. The lower decks of the ships are fully equipped for agriculture.

emergencies Edit

abandoned ship Edit

when the captain gives the order t abandoned ship in an emergency the crew goes to the life-rafts . the order abandonad ship can oly be given when the ship in in a no save situation. And when the captain and first officier approve.

meteor hit Edit

when a meteor hits the ship there are a couple of possibilities. One of the possibilities is that a small meteor doesn’t even get throught the triple hull. An other possibilitie is that the metoer hits the ship and a compartmentis out of use for either temporarily of for ever. Or the worst posibilitie is that the meteor is so big it just goes straight through the ship and the ship is lost. In either case earth must be informed and the crew either evacuates the area or the ship.

oxygen failure Edit

when the oxygen fails by either that all the alges are dead or the pipe lines have bursted. In either case the ship has for everyone about one houre of oxygen in bottles if the problem can’t be solved the crew must go to one part of he ship si that the danger area is evacuated. When the ship is out of working order the crew must go to the life rafts and wait for a suitable planet or help.

after emergency Edit

live craft Edit

when the crew gets the order to evacuate to the life rafts the persons go to the nearest rafts station where there are about 20 rafts and with maximum of 10 persons per raft. When the raft is full they eject and they combine in a cube. When all the rats are together all the rafts are fused together all the cubes comlin to a giant cube and the ship has about twenty decks and is twohondred in height, length and with. Now the waiting begins for either a other ship or a planet but the ship option in unlikely because in the first years there aren’t a lot of ships around in space.

return Edit

when you are close enough to eathe or a base you can return to that point. Or after a few years when the life rafts return. An other option is that you are picked up by a small ship

space station Edit

when everything goes wrong and you have enough time you can diploy a space station and use parts of the ship toupgrade the station so that a emergenscy or temperrarly station can be turned in to a solid station so that the crew can live here for more than ten years if nesesary.

generation ship Edit

a ship that doesn’t return for at least a few hundret years to explore the far edgesof our space. That ship needs a crew and when you take a very young crew you can’t make it so you need to have families on-board.

security teams Edit

if something goes wrong and people are in trobble the security teams are usesed and to put out fires and rescue people. They are also responseable for the safty on-board the ship

direct response teams Edit

these teams are trained to respond in every emergency and act on there knolage like first aid and small fire or rescue operations. These teams are ready 24-7 and sit in the security office. They are also responseable for the safty in everyday life

second respond teams Edit

these people are skilled medics or fire fighters but because they are needed rarely hey have a normal job and when the alarm sounds they rush to the security office and they get suited to release the direct respond teams.

rescue team Edit

when a huige accident has happed the rescue teams get in action they are trained to word in o-g condisions and the vacuems of space but thy are also trained as medics and fire fighters. These teams are only used when a disaster has happed like a huge meteor.

Crew Edit

The crew of a generation ship exist of young and old people and on the big ship close to a thousent

Civilians Edit

The people who work in the shop and who are born on the ship and decideed not to work on the ship are the cevilians they are like the passengers on ocean liner. Whne everything goes wong they are the first persons to leave the ship.

Staff Edit

These are the people who are responseable for the command on the ship in this group are: the captain and all the officiers. These people know most about the ship and leave the ship last.

General staff Edit

These are the persons who are the workers and they follow the orders form the general staff. They work either in the engine room or as security or any other roll on the ship.

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