When everything goes the way it’s planned the journey will be quite boring but off course almost everything we do can go wrong. In this part I talk about the different stages of the journey. This is a journey to mars.

The rocket Edit

Lift of Edit

The gian airplain with 4 rockets in it’s belly lifts of and flys to the ocean where it will go to a hight of about ten kilometers

The drop Edit

When the plain reaches the ten kilometers the doors open and the rockets are droped out of the plain in a vertical posision. When the plain droped about 500 metes the auto pilot stears the rocket to a horizontal posision at. Now the acceleration rockets are fired and the rocket shoots away when it reaches mach 2 the plain is going to a 80 degrees clime and the rockets drop.

Ram jet fire Edit

When the rockets are away the ram jet shoots the ship in to space and on its way to the space station when in orbit the rocket matches the course and speed of the staion.

docking Edit

when cleared for docking the rocket aims for the docking gates and goes to the designated gate and automaticly docks with the station. When cleared the doos open and the crew can get out. This whole procedure form take of to docking wont thke longer than an hour

the return Edit

when the rocket leaves it’s gate and prepares for landing the rocket dives in the atmosphere like a space shuttle when on the rifght hight the braking parachutes open and the rocketslow down until it hits the ground. An other option is to land just like the space shuttle so like a airplain

The main ship Edit

Lift of Edit

Several years before the ship leaves the different parts are shot into an orbit and the astronauts begin their final trainings and the exams. The rocket used is an idea from the x price so what it is an rocket under an airplane and then launched. When everything and everyone is in space the next stage begins.

Assembly Edit

All the parts are put together and the supplies are loaded. This is also the stage where the crew gets familiar with their stations and task.

Start Edit

When the check list is complete the time is finally there, the ship is towed away and the start up engines are engaged. When the ship reaches the right speed the solar sail and ion engines are released and the ship is on its 6 months journey to mars (for more information about the ships take a look at : technology/ships

The journey Edit

If everything goes well the journey is a very easy stage but when there is a danger this could get interesting. There are a couple of things that can go wrong: a meteor hits, a solar flair. And in each case there is an training.

Slow down Edit

When you arrive at your destination, in this case mars you need to slow down. You can do this with rockets, prefebly liquid fuel rockets because you can stop them if your speed is zero. There won’t be much problems here. The only thing that can go wrong is that the rockets don’t work but there is always a backup. When the ship is in orbit the next phase begins

Landing Edit

Off course a ship of this since can’t land but a small shuttle can. There are three types of shuttles for more information about shuttles you can take a look at technology/ships/shuttles here is also explained how they are launched and how they land

The return Edit

When all the research is done the team can return home the return is mostly the same as the start. So first the start up rockets are fired and when up to speed the solar sail and ion engines are released. When close to earth the breaking rockets are fired and the ship can safely dock with a station

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