With long time space flight about 10 men will be together for about a year, so when a fight, a accident or a unpredicted event occurs how will people respond?

Long time journey Edit

With a couple of people in a close proximity of each other you must be able to cooperate. The only way you can control men in space is with a command chain so with a captain and an officer. But when if two people can’t cooperate the mission will fail so the training will be concentrated at team work and teamwork is a very important issue during the intake exam

Fights Edit

When two people have an argument or even start fighting and can’t solve it themselves the captain must interfere. When the captain can’t bring them to reason both crew members will be disciplined. Or even striped of rang and relieved of duty

Unpredicted events Edit

In crisis-situations people panic I know that from being a lifeguard and even training can’t solve this, but there is nothing else you can do but train and follow protocol. The rate wherein people respond depends on the situation. If it is an engine failure the crew will respond calmly but when a meteor hits and the ship is dead in space the crew will probably panic and the only thing to do is talk and try to force them to reason and rescue the ship.

recreation Edit

the six months journey and the stay on the planet is a full time job so every one has to be ready 24-7 so some R&R is hardly neaded. The crew is split in two groeps of 7 so one person (the captain is basicly always in action but he/she can give his autority to the first officier. The recriotion on the sihp exist of rooms with everything from games to music and fitniss rooms.

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