project deep space is a project that started with one dutch 13 year old kid. He wrote a dutch project about the human exploration of deep space. later he translated it to English and it became a wiki for him. Now he wants to make it a wiki for all who want to think about the exploration of deep space. the project now exists of eight chapters:

  1. technical problems - about the thing we have yet to invent
  2. mental stress - about the stress the crew will have to endure
  3. stages of the journey - about the journey to mars
  4. the crew - about the crew and the demands put on the crew
  5. life support - about how we are going to keep the crew alive
  6. safety - about how we are going to keep the crew save
  7. deep space modifications - about the things we have to change if we want to go farther than just mars
  8. life? - about extraterrestrial life

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